Personal Coaching with Arlene

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Who is this coaching for?

It is geared towards women who want to:

Speak like a pro in person or online 


Improve your interviewing skills (podcasting, media interviews) 

Arlene has been speaking for more than 15 years and has been interviewed hundreds of times by various media outlets, with highlights including the Today Show, Fox & Friends, KLOVE, and Focus on the Family.

Why spend time being nervous about an upcoming speaking engagement on Zoom or interview when you can be prepared and polished (while sounding natural) instead?  

The coaching session is for 30 minutes with Arlene over Zoom, Skype, or the phone (you can pick what works best for you).  It will be recorded so you can listen to the audio afterwards. 

Once you purchase a coaching session, you will receive an email within 24 hours to schedule the call with Arlene.

PRICE:  $99